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We Build Programs to Help You Shine

Improve your communication skills. Increase your confidence.
Expand your influence.

Moving from Room to Zoom

Meetings and Presentations in a Post-Pandemic Environment.

How teams engage in the current- and post-pandemic environment will be strikingly unlike how we’ve operated previously. Teams already are connecting in new ways and will need to improve how they engage and communicate in a two-dimensional “virtual” environment.

Moving a program, meeting, or conference, from in-person to online is not as simple as standing in front of your laptop camera and talking. The right strategy, skills and approach make all the difference.

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Create a competitive advantage for your team with customized online presentation training tailored to your specific meeting and presentation needs.

Programs address multiple aspects of virtual communications – from getting comfortable and understanding how to connect with your audience in front of the camera to improving remote presentation skills

Make Online Presentations a Competitive Advantage for Your Organization:

  • Learn reproducible strategies for developing and delivering presentations online
  • Create audience engagement, not fatigue
  • Improve comfort and confidence in your team
  • Communicate more effectively in remote settings
  • Employ techniques that transform team presentations, ensuring smooth transitions and leveraging individual talents

What Participants Find Most Helpful
  • "Immediately useful. Put what I learned to use that day!"
  • "Individual feedback, about challenges I didn’t realize I could improve upon..."
  • "Helpful to see others having similar issues… I can recognize my own issues in them…"
  • "The power of storytelling…"
  • "Direct feedback on personal strengths/weaknesses…"
  • "The concrete tips/strategies + presentation practice coupled with honest feedback/critiques…"
  • "Pointers on how best to connect with your audience and things that I can do to perform better on camera."
  • "Input on how the voice and body language are received."

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Accelerate Your Leadership. Elevate Your Success.A customized, individual program to take you there.
1-on-1 Performance Coaching

Gerry works with a select number of professionals, 1-on-1, to help them increase their confidence, improve their presentation and communication performance, and maximize their skill set and career potential.

  • This is a remote program. Join in from your laptop/desktop.
  • Designed for coaches, leaders and emerging leaders who want to expand their influence.
  • Fully customizable around the communication challenges and opportunities you want to master.

Program Outline:

  • Three, 1-hour sessions. 
  • We begin with brand. We begin by identifying your unique brand as a professional, what makes you unique as a leader, a coach, a professional. This will guide us as we help you grow as a presenter and a communicator.
  • You choose where to grow. You identify the areas where you want to improve: presentation skills, virtual communication, storytelling, public speaking, etc. We customize a program to achieve those goals.
  • Work Together Around Your Schedule. We build our time together around your calendar. We even offer evening hours if that's more convenient for you. .
  • Immediate Impact. Because we are focusing only on you, you can expect to see immediate improvement and insight as we work together.
  • Stand Apart from the Competition. Most people aren't willing to do the work to be truly outstanding. This 1-on-1 work will make you stand out and enjoy a competitive advantage over your peers and your competition.