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Improve your communication skills. Increase your confidence.
Expand your influence.

Moving from Room to Zoom

Meetings and Presentations in a Post-Pandemic Environment.

How teams engage in the current- and post-pandemic environment will be strikingly unlike how we’ve operated previously. Teams already are connecting in new ways and will need to improve how they engage and communicate in a two-dimensional “virtual” environment.

Moving a program, meeting, or conference, from in-person to online is not as simple as standing in front of your laptop camera and talking. The right strategy, skills and approach make all the difference.

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The Sandusky Group in partnership with MarketPoint offers customized online presentation training tailored to your organization’s specific meeting and presentation needs.

Programs address multiple aspects of virtual communications – from getting comfortable and understanding how to connect with your audience in front of the camera to improving remote presentation skills

Make Online Presentations a Competitive Advantage for Your Organization:

  • Learn reproducible strategies for developing and delivering presentations online
  • Create audience engagement, not fatigue
  • Improve comfort and confidence in your team
  • Communicate more effectively in remote settings

What Participants Find Most Helpful
  • "Individual feedback, about challenges I didn’t realize I could improve upon..."
  • "Helpful to see others having similar issues… I can recognize my own issues in them…"
  • "The power of storytelling…"
  • "Direct feedback on personal strengths/weaknesses…"
  • "The concrete tips/strategies + presentation practice coupled with honest feedback/critiques…"
  • "Pointers on how best to connect with your audience and things that I can do to perform better on camera."
  • "Input on how the voice and body language are received."

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Accelerate Your Leadership. Elevate Your Success.A 3-Part Series to Take You There.

A 3-part, live, on-line workshop designed to help emerging leaders increase their influence, impact, and income.

  • This is a remote program. Join in from your laptop/desktop
  • Designed for emerging leaders who want to increase their confidence, improve their communications, and expand their influence.
  • 3 two-hour live sessions over a period of three weeks at two different times, to accommodate your schedule.

During This 3-Part, Live, On-Line Workshop You Will Learn:
  • How to Identify and Build your Professional Brand. Identify what makes you unique and powerful as a leader.
  • How to Leverage The Power of Prioritization. Know your top priority and work on what matters.
  • Harness Best Practices for Enhancing Productivity. Effective leaders learn the law of leverage.
  • Master Communications in the Age of Remote Work. Learn how to master the. mechanics of on-camera communication in the age of Zoom. .
  • How to Be a Leader that others Volunteer to Follow. Build connection, influence, and unbreakable trust with the people who follow you.

Launch is available for individuals in a public workshop and also customizable for private workshops for groups and organizations.

Above the Visible Line

Leveraging the Power of Perception for Effective Leadership.

Based on our propriety model, Above the Visible Line shows leaders the power of perception and how it either enhances or undermines their effectiveness.

Communication styles must change as leaders rise in an organization or industry to maximize impact and effectiveness. The Above the Visible Line program will show you not only why but how to do it.

You will learn the following:

  • How people form perceptions
  • How to use the power of perception to their advantage
  • How to discover your target perception
  • The Core-4 and why that’s your real boss
  • How to use the power of stories to get others to take action faster and more effectively
  • How to communicate in meetings, presentations, and one-one-one settings in ways that enhance understanding
  • The four basic work style preferences and how they impact communication
  • The number one thing to eliminate from your communication
  • And much, much, more
Above the Visible Line is available as either an in-person or on-line seminar.

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