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What We Do

About The Sandusky Group
We help leaders accelerate their careers and expand their influence by mastering their brand, improving their communication skills, and developing their confidence.

We help leaders shine
What We Do

We help leaders communicate their excellence in front of every audience—in front of the Room, Zoom, and Media.

We help leaders Increase their confidence in front of any audience.

  • Develop trust in yourself.
  • Increase others trust in you.
  • Feel the shift from merely surviving to thriving.
  • Gain clarity on brand, vision, and how to communicate them.

Develop the communication skills of a true influencer.

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Meet Gerry.

Okay, let’s get it out of the way, shall we?

It’s Gerry with a G. No relation to the former Penn State coach. No, you’re not the first to ask. I understand.

I love to help leaders and emerging leaders thrive. I develop programs, products, and services that help professionals enjoy the amazing experience of having more confidence, more influence, and performing better under pressure in front of any and every audience.

I have three decades of experience and thousands of hours in front of TV cameras, radio audiences, conference rooms, and ballrooms as a broadcaster, speaker, trainer, and coach.

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The Sandusky Group
Meet Our Team

Our team of business growth experts is ready to make things happen for your brand. This team of seasoned professionals have been responsible for helping brands grow in a sustainable and strategic manner. We can't wait to work with you.

Our Partners
Pros We Partner With

We partner with a select group of experts who we with work with closely to develop and deliver specific public and private programs.