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We help leaders bring their excellence to the front of any audience

Leadership isn’t a title. It’s a mindset and a skill set of influence.

Presentation Transformation
Turn the front of the room into your competitive advantage.

This is our flagship program, an in-person seminar designed to help members of your team transform their skills and their impact using presentations.

Transform your presentations from awkward to excellent!


Lights, Camera, Coaching
Media Coaching

The Sandusky Group’s media coaching will show you and your team how to prepare, practice, and perform for any media interview.

Our programs are highly interactive with extensive on-camera and simulated interview practice.

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Engage, Amaze, and Influence

Gerry Sandusky brings years of experience as a communicator, a broadcaster, a coach, and business owner to your audience as an insightful, passionate, engaging, and entertaining, motivational public speaker. Gerry will inspire and rejuvenate your audience. He takes his topics and your needs seriously but Gerry does it using a fun, and appropriate, sense of humor.


Leverage the Power of Perception
Brand & Messaging Consulting

What do people think of when they think of you or your organization?

Getting clear on brand is the foundation of clear, consistent communication. Our unique, interactive approach gives individuals and organizations the competitive edge and power of unique brand to guide them.

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The Story Telling Seminar

Part of the secret to masterful presentations, meetings, and communication is learning the art of storytelling. Using our step-by-step process, we can help you engage, amaze, and influence audiences to take action using something far more powerful than PowerPoint.


Engage, Amaze, and Influence
Presentation Transformation

This is our flagship program, an in-person seminar designed to help members of your team transform their skills and their impact using presentations.

The full-day, highly interactive program will show your team overcome stage fright, eliminate bad haibits, and draw on natural strengths. You'll learn prepare, practice, and perform presentations that increase your confidence and expand your influence.

Your team will learn the following:

  • How to transform stage fright into a positive resource
  • What belongs in your presentation—and what doesn’t
  • How to use body language to support your message
  • An easy-to-follow, repeatable process for putting your presentations together
  • The most effective way to use PowerPoint—if you need to use it at all
  • How to read your audience and discover what they really want from your presentation
  • Techniques for getting your audience involved in your presentation
  • The power of storytelling to bring your presentation to life
  • How to eliminate annoying habits and words from your presentation
  • And much, much more.
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Lights, Camera, Coaching
Media Coaching

We developed our media coaching, based on Gerry Sandusky’s three plus decades of experience. Gerry has worked on-air in TV and Radio as a broadcaster and the play-by-play voice of the NFL's Baltimore Ravens.

Through his experience he has developed proprietary models, The Perception Pyramid and the Core-4, to help professionals quickly acclimate and communicate through the media.

Our programs are highly interactive with extensive on-camera and simulated interview practice.

Your will learn the following:

  • Establish and manage your message in the media
  • Understand audiences perception of individuals and organizations that appear in the media
  • Deliver key points in soundbites and quotes that support and reinforce branding efforts
  • Stay on point and avoid diluting your message in interviews
  • Develop on camera skills set ranging from wardrobe recommendations to body language that supports your brand and message for each participant
  • Coordinate public relations efforts with media appearances
  • Utilize media specific skills for handling TV, radio, Internet, and print-based interviews
  • Handle negative interview situations
  • Use media appearances in conjunction with social media to maximize the impact of media exposure
  • Develop confidence and clarity in delivering messages in the media
Very excited to learn over the weekend that the Ravens

Engage, Amaze, and Influence

Gerry's keynotes are designed to help leaders and organizations develop and trust their ability to communicate a vision and a clear path to a desired outcome so others will trust and follow them.   

Leadership communication is a mindset and a skill set of influence. Gerry will show you how to develop both.

Learn to believe in yourself so others will too.

Master the art of navigating the unexpected.

A popular keynote and breakout speaker at conferences, business meetings, and retreats, Gerry’s topics include the following:

  • The Perception Pyramid™-The Secret Behind How We Really Communicate

  • The Lighthouse Effect—Tapping into the power of vision and perception to become a more effective leader

  • Above the Visible Line: the secrets of effective leadership communication

  • The Business of Winning: Using sports as a model, not a metaphor for success

  • Refresh, Recharge, Refocus: Developing more effective ways than embracing the grind to success for the long haul
Gerry Sandusky Keynote Examples

The Story Telling Seminar

Using the power of story effectively is one of the secrets to masterful presentations, meetings, and communication.

In this seminar, your team will learn how to identify the right stories to use, where to use stories, how to use stories, and how to keep track of stories so you can engage, amaze, and influence audiences.

Your team will learn the following:

  • The three parts to all great stories
  • How to find stories that are appropriate for your presentation
  • The eight-step process for building great stories
  • Where in your presentation to use stories—and where not to use them
  • Why stories are so much more powerful than traditional presentations
  • The most powerful stories you can use to connect with your audience
  • How to know what kinds of stories will connect with your audience
  • How to use stories to achieve your presentation objectives in far less time than traditional approaches
  • How to use “The Story Stack” to balance your use of stories in your presentations

Leverage the Power of Perception
Brand & Messaging Consulting

Before the marketplace can respond to your brand and your message you have to get very clear on both. We use our proprietary tool, The Game Frame, to help you discover your true brand—both its foundational and aspirational values.

From there we help you and your organization develop themes, messaging, tag lines, and talking points so you and everyone on your team are constantly reinforcing and supporting your brand.

We also help you develop a strategic approach to the implementation of your brand in everything from social media to mainstream media to sales presentations to investor relations.

This is a highly customized program designed to meet your organizations unique needs that leverages all of The Sandusky Group’s extensive communication experience from presentation skills to media skills, from the power of perception to the role of repetition.

Your team will gain the following:

  • Discover and develop the four words and/or phrases that are the bedrock of your brand
  • Create the major themes that all of your communications will convey
  • Develop core messaging and key points that will help you develop unique brand strength in your marketplace
  • A strategic plan to implement your brand and messaging on multiple platforms from social media to mainstream media, from public relations to investor relations

This program can be delivered in person or remotely. It can be delivered as a one-day workshop or as an on-going consultation,


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